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Upcoming Public Gigs/Events (Covid Dependent)

The Westshore Beach Inn  

Sunday 16th January

3-5 pm

Sunday 23rd January

3-5 pm

Sunday 20th February

3-5 pm

Sunday 27th February

3-5 pm

Smith & Sheth  

Wednesday 12th January

5:30-7:30 pm

Wednesday 26th January

5:30-7:30 pm

Wednesday 9th February

5:30-7:30 pm

Church Road Summer Session

Sunday 9th January

12-1:30 pm

Church Road Winery

Bridge Pa Wine Festival

Oak Estate

Saturday 22nd January

1-3:00 pm

Run The Vines

Paritua Winery 

Saturday 5th Febuary


Nuit Blanche

Saturday 22nd Janurary

Time and Locatin TBC

With Atlantic Wave


Thursday 27th Janurary

The Old Church

Time TBC

Outfield Music & Arts Festival

Saturday 12th February 2022

Times to be confirmed

Zeffer Cidery

Sunday 30th Janurary

1-4:00 pm

Friday Night Fiesta

Friday 18th March

5:30-6:30 pm

With Atlantic Wave

Clive Square

Previous gigs...

Opening for The Stereos fundraiser for Staros 


Zeffer Cidery


Smith & Sheth 

Paisley Stage

Norsewood Festival

Special Kids Extravaganza  

Urban Winery

Te awanga Organic Farmers Market

Wedding Expo

Trinity Hill


Winter Warmer Street fiesta


White night



Friday Night Fiesta

Drift Restaurant

All ages Gig - Cabana (Arlo Mac & Hotel Mortem)

Hawkes Bay Marathon 

Big easy

Opening for Temple of The Grunge

The Westshore Beach Inn

(Every third & fourth Sunday of the month as either a solo or with the band - Atlantic Wave)

Rescue helicopter family fundraiser - Atlantic Wave. 

Crab Farm

Breast Cancer Walk

Church Road Summer Session

Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Opening for The Replicants

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