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Emma Webb, a versatile singer & guitarist from Hawkes Bay, Specialised in music for weddings, parties and corporate events. Only aged 18, Emma has already been playing for these types of events since 2017. With a repertoire of over a hundred songs, Emma can entertain her guests for up to 4 hours.

Emma has a smooth, mature voice with a rocky edge and is suitable to play in any setting, including classy background music, to upbeat covers that everyone knows and loves.



Music has always been a huge part of Emma's life. From singing in the backseat of the car, winning her primary school talent quest, performing in her intermediate school band, and now performing in front of crowds on the stage. Her love for the guitar formed after her father found an old guitar that he brought home. Emma spent hours teaching herself how to play it, through the internet and then lessons through Dave Boston. In January of 2017, Emma joined the Napier Music Academy which brought her greater opportunities, and a supportive environment to take her music further to the scale it is at now. Napier Music Academy became the reason that she was able to do what she loves as both a solo act and in a band. Emma is now a guitar mentor, and runs the "Intro To Music" Course and takes the Holiday Programmes at Napier music Academy.

Duo With Hunter Piercy

Emma now offers a duo act with Hunter Piercy giving a full and sophisticated sound with the two guitars working together. While being a new act, they already have been performing at weddings, events, and performances at places such as the Paisley Stage and The Cabana. With chemistry formed from being bandmates for 3 years, they are able to work fluently with each other leaving listeners amazed and wanting more.

Email Emma for more information.


Atlantic Wave

Emma also sings and plays the guitar in the band Atlantic Wave. A small 4 piece band consisting of drums (Cam Brizzle), Bass Guitar (Nathan Leicester) Lead Guitar (Hunter Piercy) and guitar and vocals by Emma Webb. With a regional Rockquest win, they perform throughout Hawkes bay at places including the Cabana, Paisley stage, Oak estate, Waipatiki rescue helicopter fundraiser, Friday Night Fiestas etc

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